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Satu Bulan Purnama
Thursday, April 27, 2017 | 3:16 PM | 2 comments (+)

"Even if I scream, I can't scream that loud."

What I wanted to tell you is, I hope you'd stay.
And I hope I wouldn't have to go.

I hope you'd meant what you said.
I hope we could last.
I hope you and I were an us.

But in this fucked up world, I guess moving on is our only choice?
So what you expected me to do but to wail on this overwhelming self-pressed emotions?
Or should I just be less dramatic and just cut the crap?

Yeah, that's all what bloody backpackers do, don't we?
Now that we are silly and messed up like this.


April 27, 2017. 2.24 pm.
Probowangi Train. Seat 8E, 1. Somewhere in East Java. Indonesia.

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