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Sunday, January 1, 2017 | 7:35 PM | 1 comments (+)

2016 has gone, just like that.
But definitely not just a year went by.
It has been the best year of my life so far and I wasn't exaggerating when stating this.

The first quarter of 2016 I spent in Surabaya before coming to Australia was honestly the hardest, I would say.
All the struggles and confusion of working on our new family restaurant were aching to the flesh and I was tired of being the little sunshine for us.
It's not that I hated it, it's just I was relieved to be out of it.

Coming to Australia, letting go of everything, enjoying the independency of making decision for my own, I love them to the bits and pieces.
Months I spent here, I met beautiful souls whom I wish to always be able to keep in contact till the rest of my life.

3 weeks in Pinjarra, 2 weeks in Perth, 3 weeks in Karri Valley, returning to Perth, a night in Broome, 4 months in Halls Creek, 3 nights in Kununurra, 4 days in Darwin, 6 nights in Kakadu and Litchfield, 2 weeks in Cairns, 2 days trip to Cape Tribulation and Port Douglas, and now more than a month at the Lions Den Hotel, each of them, every moment in between, the memories of each chapter of my #australia365days has been remarkable.

Saying hello, bidding goodbye.
Being loved, dragged out of love.
Little laughs, bursting tears.
Coping racism, being appreciated.
To admire, and being admired.
There are too many contradictions I had in 2016, and I love them.
One says to experience the extreme in order to appreciate the ups and downs.
And now that I have had both, the fearless little me can't stop.

2016 was a year of letting go.
I resigned from my promising job for this self actualization of breaking free.
Our restaurant has closed down and tore us down, but on the brighter side, it opened up another door of opportunity.
I bounced up with happiness only to be crushed further down by the people I thought loved me.
If one thing I learned the best in 2016 was to stand up for myself.
Meeting people across the globe has taught me to put myself in the first place. Not selfishly, but as in self appreciation in order to be appreciated.

Letting go of the rotten heartaches to welcome God's bigger plans.
Letting go of the safe bets for more surprises in life.

2017 is a year of anticipation;
Bigger anticipation, I corrected myself.
I still remember the anxiety of welcoming 2016.
And now stepping ahead to 2017, the bigger excitement is real.
Second year in Australia, possibility of Europe trip, and my brother's wedding.

I'm wishing to have a spontaneous 2017.
THE year to enjoy lots of little surprises along the way.
More sober nights and still-hungover mornings.
More trekking in the trails without maps and getting lost.
More roadtrips without thinking much but where to sleep and what to eat.
More midnight swims and singing in the rain.
More eating outs with friends' friends.
More random strangers turn as life-long mates.
More love to give than to receive.
And – as I'm writing this right now next to the bushes without internet connection and mobile reception  more people to enjoy the simplicity of living and to realize the beauty of traveling.

I am grateful of my 2016, and the twenty-four-years-old me wishing everybody else are too.
Thank you, you, for having me in your 2016.


January 1, 2017. 4.16 pm.
Lions Den Hotel Room 11, Rossville, Queensland

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