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Rewriting Halls Creek
Wednesday, October 12, 2016 | 1:31 PM | 0 comments (+)

Still part of my #australia365days, I'm alive.
In fact, living the dream.

Somewhere in the red dirt of Kimberley, WA

After all this four months missing from my very own blog, this place is still gonna be my favorite piece and I just decide to recap here the life I have for the past few months, now still overwhelm of the magic of my Australia journey - right now, this very moment when I try to recall them.

I left Karri Valley, after much drama and tears, four months ago. Couldn't believe myself that it was just four months ago - felt like ages and decades for me. Went back to Perth, caught up with the person I was thinking about the whole time when I was away from the civilizations in Karri Valley, bid another goodbye after two weeks in Perth, spent a night in Broome and staircase to the moonlight, and ended up in Halls Creek for a job in the local hotel and pub.

Halls Creek is a very small outback town in Australian outback (we, the backpackers here, call it the outback of Australian outback), with a small population of roughly 4,000 people living. The land is all red dirt, is very humid and warm, I thought I would hate this place. But the more I live here, the more I fall for the town, of the people, of the hotel, the pub, the friends I will be missing - I am leaving the place in one week notice for Darwin as I write this post.

I work days and nights, five to twelve hours a day, five to six days a week, a hundred to 120 hours fortnightly. I have saved up enough money, spent more money on drinks, being wasted more than ever in my life. But I love the simple life. The life of waking up in the morning being grumpy has to work after hungover, but it all covers up in the evening with all the good laughs with friends and more boosts. Regretting ourselves the next morning for being too drunk to start working again, all over again, in complete circle. But I kinda love it. Well, I hate it too. But now that I'm leaving, I know I will miss it. I am in complete love and hate relationship with Halls Creek.

I fell in love (or I thought I was), fell out of love, caught in troubles, and free myself out of them. Us, in love or not, waking up next to each other, caressing with so much care, is no doubt one of the best feeling in the wholewide world. Through him I feel beautiful - and more than anything - being secure of being myself for being whatever I am. He will always have the soft spot in my heart, but that's just gonna be it. Not because of the rejections from any of us, but because the respect we share for each other, for the complete opposite values we embrace in life.

I know he is waiting for this turning point, for a fresh restart.
And I know I need it too.

Halls Creek has been warm inside out for me, no doubt I'm gonna miss this place, of how it makes me feel, for the rest of my life. Maybe not because of the town, but because of the longlife friends and love ones I met here.

But more than anything, memory will only be lasted because it was left behind, to be cherished and remembered. I need to leave Halls Creek, because I am ready for it. I need to leave this place with beautiful memory and no regret.

Next, Kununurra and Darwin.
Any plan? Nope.

I am ready to start living spontaneously again.


Oct 12, 2016  2.38 pm
Conference Room, Kimberley Hotel, Halls Creek

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