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Karri Valley Resort
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 | 7:05 PM | 0 comments (+)

I'm writing this from Karri Valley Resort Staff Village, in the middle of deep forest, where no phone reception and internet connection could be found.
And where to post this post, I had to wait days and nights, and asked for a lift to get me to the nearest town and finally got my mobile ringing after a week signed out from the civilization.
Back to the basic; where to talk to your friends you have to knock for their doors.

Long story short, I left Perth for Karri Valley last Monday, May 16.
I left my casual jobs for a part time position and longer working hours as housekeeper here.
I learned how to make beds, clean bathrooms and toilets, dust the rooms and to fold and iron heaps of sheets everyday.
Mom would be proud. And worried, that's for sure.

First three days were the hardest. It was weird to find your mobile phone has no other use but flashlight, alarm, and music player.
Flashlight to keep me safe walking in dark nights and to tell kangaroos that they've got a friend;
Alarm to wake me up in time for a 40 hours a week roster;
And music player, for obvious reason.

And now, on the exact one week I've been here, things were getting okay.
I'm used to sleep early, have a healthy diet, and work my ass off.
I've got bruises from bumping and stumbling over beds, couches, vacuum cleaners and whatever others I couldn't remember.
And the weather is horribly cold, I have to dress in layers; talking about this huge regret for bringing minimum warm clothes here.
I have no idea how I'm gonna survive winter if autumn is already this bad.
But aside of them - the physical pain and weather - I think I'm good.
It's just sometimes I don't know what to do to kill time but to watch DVDs and karaoke-ing alone.
Man... Add it to the list on top of the two: boredom.

And more than anything, I miss friends I've made in Perth.
Funny how just three weeks of staying there getting me so attached of the good souls I met.
And especially that someone who should've not be missed.

I love how in split weeks, or even days, stuffs could be so upside down.
Before I would have no attachment, and now I have this hope to be somebody's somebody.
Last week I thought I had the best time in Perth, and just a week later I left with heavy heart for better opportunity, where basic necessities like internet and mobile reception are missing, but I get to experience breathtaking view, to live next to the forest, to feed dozen of birds with my hands, and to exchange gazes with kangaroos everyday.
Talking about twists of travelling.

And oh, I found a four leaves clover.
They told me it's a good luck sign.


May 23, 8.17 pm
Karri Valley Resort Staff Village - Room 13

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