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Gap Year(s): A Restart
Wednesday, December 9, 2015 | 11:30 PM | 4 comments (+)

As much as I think the people around me knows me well enough, many still think that I am utterly crazy when I told them this. Repetitious questions arise, I might even want to release an FAQ for this.

“What are you gonna do with your life there?”
“Will you have family or friends to take care of you?”
“Have you considered your future if you just abruptly fly like this?”
“I can’t believe what’s inside your mind. Your bravery deserves applause.”
And so on, and so forth.

I have these surprises to announce.
Well, at least for my closest relatives and friends, they are pretty much a surprise:

I am quitting my eight-to-five-er life by the end of this December.
Ending of the story as an office worker.
Quitting for real good; at least for now.
Leaving Indonesia, for Australia.

Big time, I know.


I have submitted my resignation letter last November, have booked my flight to Surabaya this December 31. Soon later, I will be leaving for Perth this February 2016, as a homeless and jobless full-time traveler in Australia.

Lots of travelers around the world have been doing what I’m going to do, so it is not completely new; definitely I ain’t the only one with big decisions to make in the whole wide world, am I?
Gap year, or career break, they address this as. It might last for few months, or even years.

Ever heard of work and holiday visa, or working holiday visa?
Google is your friend, if you haven’t. That’s the visa I am having now for my one year solo traveling to Australia.

Those who are asking what will I do there to make living, I am completely as clueless as you are to be honest hahaha. I haven’t secured any job yet. I might end up as a waitress, fruit picker, housekeeper, or au pair; I don’t know. The only thing I know is that I have to survive with this few dollars I bring. I hope desperateness works better in my favor.

And those who are worried about my safety, well, I won’t be completely alone, because I do have mom’s cousin there, which I haven’t met ever. even if I had, I seem to fail to recall her. Would be awkward, but mom said it’s still better than none, teehee. I will also look for fellow Indonesians there, so I will be just as safe as I am in Jakarta, peeps. Thank you for worrying about me :3


I always have been that crazy feisty little girl praised, and also cursed for my competitiveness. From silly little stuffs like fast climbing escalator races with my dad which I always lose, to plentiful Math competitions I entered in my junior high school days which I never win even once. I have always been like this. And because of my competitiveness, I was scared for challenges and getting out from my comfort zones. I hated to fail, and worst of all, hated to lose.

This lasted until I woke up and realized I have played safe the whole time. I made less screw-ups, learned less from past mistakes, less enjoyed surprises, and done more daily routines one would ever do.

I managed to build up my life brightly, said many of my friends. I have secured reputable companies as backups on my CV, and brilliant career ahead if I want to. My career is honestly in the right track of what my-past-three-years-self would thank me for. But odd enough, within that short three years gap, I have changed much. To the point of my closest friends could almost fail to relate to the happiness I chase now.

I used to be that never resting geek trying to outpace everybody in building her career. I was so secure of what to do when I graduated from the university. Only years later, I changed, a lot. I went to the opposite of the freaky career oriented Vania years ago.

So here I am, now building a resume as a future unemployed backpacker from Indonesia, looking for casual jobs in Australia. I don’t even bother to mention those nearly four years of work experience in my current resume.

Funny stuffs do happen in life.


I do have plans. I won’t be blind-foolishly taking any decision without sorting out its consequences. In fact, I always play majorly with logic, many of you notice this I believe. So yes, I could vividly imagine of what I will do in the future years after my solo traveling to Australia.

I have many options to consider. But of what I will choose in the future, let God unfold the mystery. After all, I’m still the same Vania of what I have been in the past years. And just like I’m saying how much I’ve changed from the past, I might also change in the future. What I’m saying best at this present time, might won’t be in the future. So while this lasts, I hope to be able to live the life today to the fullest.

I just try to not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.


I have told my decision to move to Australia to few friends I hope to hear supports and prayers from. Surprisingly, opinions are divided. Some supported me and ended up sharing their own objectives in life; and some told me that they honestly wished to have the bravery I have, because this whole career break sounds a lot of experiences to make.

If you fall to the later, I’m just gonna leave it here: any decision is never instantly made.
I understand this is a matter of a life changing event. For this, I’ve spent countless sleepless nights, ruling out all the pros and cons. It took me more than a half year to firmly chase for this, after a good friend of mine shared her gap year experience to me.

So if you have these smallest guts, don’t hush it away and please think about it. Take a deep breath or two, and take your time to take it slow. If one thing I learn about this whole thing, is not to rush things. That the timing of your life and mine is perfect.

It might not in the form of career break or traveling.
Whatever you have the passion and the calling for, it is never to late to restart. Never.

Listen to the suggestions and consider the opinions of others. They always have something to learn from. But at the end of the day, it is you who make the choices and bear all the consequences.

And after all, it is your life to live, not anybody’s expectations to meet.

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