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Everything is Connected
Saturday, December 26, 2015 | 2:30 PM | 0 comments (+)

How often do we connect the scattered episodes in our life?

Friends or lovers, parents or brothers, how often do we think they play in separate chapters? Like they are utterly talking in different frequencies and genres, and you have to be your different kind of yourself to fit in.

Family talks won't be as joyous as friends having fun, and colleagues won't be as understanding as sisters.
I was totally in different pages every time.

Until recently the timing of the sequences was an epiphany, a fresh air rushing to my brain.
My resentment of my past were resolved from a story of a single mom in my boarding house. My worry of future raised from a dinner with a good friend, were answered in the next day with my brother.

They happened without any intention of seeking advice. Answered without asked. You know, sort of like that 'aha' moment you often see in cinemas, where you have that light bulb shining in your head when you just have an unintended revelation.

I believe everything happened for a reason. I did get slapped in the face to wake up. I self blamed and being harsh for myself, only later to find how I am loved despite my flaws. I fell hard to the ground, so that I could appreciate every people who pulls me up so that I could fly higher. I stayed quiet, struggling alone, thinking that I could survive the world alone, only to then failed hard so that I can feel the warmth of friends who care.

What I'm saying is, there is nothing happened randomly without lessons to learn.

How sensitive are we in connecting the dots?
How good are we in seeing the bigger pictures behind the not-so-randomly-happened sequences in life?
And more importantly, how to make the best kind of ourselves through people whom God wants us to meet?

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