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drunk typing.
Saturday, October 24, 2015 | 9:17 PM | 2 comments (+)

I sobbed.
Like a little baby, losing her mom.
I screamed out soundlessly.
Like a grown up girl, spending her life friendlessly.

I'm good, you think.
So that's what I choose to believe in.
That's what I choose to pursue for.

"You choose the life you live, little sis."

Did I want to end up like this?
Would I be the other form of myself if I have chosen the far opposite?
If I did, would I be satisfied?
Would I ever be 'me'?

If life is a quiz, why would everybody try so hard to solve it the soonest?
As if they want to leave this life the soonest.
Not that I want to live in this puzzle forever.
Not that I want to solve it alone.
But why shouldn't we make this last?
Your life. My life.
Turn them into stories we would proud to storytell to our babies.

Mom had lost in her own dungeons.
But she survived. She outlived her life.
She did, even with plenty days of exhaustion.
She fight for it, just like the Disney princesses.
It wasn't easy, because that's how good fairies were meant to help.
And at the end of every of it, she did okay.
Pleased, in fact.
Because those were the endings she chose to have.
And what she did has made you today.
You, the every piece of her.

You see... I'm a logician being disguised.
You never know me that much.
And I'm being delightful for that.
Because that's what I chose to show you.

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