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Wednesday, May 27, 2015 | 9:27 PM | 0 comments (+)

So I just had the sweetest 7D6N escape from all of those sick daily routines with the girls: Michella, Shella, and Caecilia. ESCAPE TO SEOUL!!! *capslock jebol* It has been weeks since our return to be honest. I just got trapped in procrastinating and happily being a lazy bummer to write. *sameold*

Frankly speaking, I was such an amateur in traveling. wait, I think I still am. My only first time flying abroad was in 2012 to Singapore - Malaysia with Mom, Dad, and Ko Mike; all noisy four of us. Life flows, drama happens, and I just got real broke to afford another trip since then. Until last year, the girls and I unintentionally landed at the webpage of a low cost airline (read: AirAsia) which was having their massive promo. Without having any second thought, we impulsively purchased four return tickets Jakarta - Incheon - Jakarta, just like grabbing those free paper rulers from Ikea. Because any girl could never resist discounts & promo, and limited & timed offer nailed our competitiveness. You got us there AirAsia!

And FINALLY, after a year of nerves and excitement, we landed safe and sound at Incheon International Airport in April 30, 2015. Life ain't real! Seoul is stunningly beautiful! Strikingly lovely to the point of leaving was aching. All of those dramas: missing our flight from KL to Seoul, attending the concert of my fave kpop artists, being in the last subway on my way back to hostel, and many other coincidences, I felt like riding Everland's T-Express everyday on my seven days of staying.
Seoul is too surreal to be true.

Not wanting to forget the details of the wonders, I'm planning to point out our messy itinerary here, day by day, with few tips on each day, wishing they would as well help other future Seoul wanderers, just like many other blogs out there helped us on making ours.

Till next post, love!

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