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2015 New Year's Resolution
Wednesday, December 31, 2014 | 12:32 AM | 0 comments (+)

As new year is only hours away, I just took a quick glance to my early posts in 2014, only to be reminisced by the bittersweetness of another level of maturity. The happiness and bitterness were meant to be, and I'm glad to have them both along the journey of my 2014. Against the odds, I miraculously made it to this final day of the year. 2014 has been emotionally consuming and very much heart pleasing at once.

I remember of not making any resolution back then for 2014. Same won't happen twice I believe for 2015. In fact, I've been looking forward for the upcoming year to come as I've done lots of planning for 2015 here and there which have consumed majority of my concern lately. And frankly, for me, 2015 is projected to be the year of breaking some real sweats, to bring out my utmost self.

To welcome the highly anticipated year, I've listed down three resolutions which I hope will start by the first kick off of 2015, wishing they would last till the end of the year.

Write, write, and write everything, and literally lots of it.
I plan to do some intense journaling for the year, writing down anything. Simply anything:song lyrics, quotes found by chances, direct speech of others, epiphanies from some quality conversations, or even random inspirations gained out of absurdity. If you know me well, you'll notice easily how I'm such a rigid and stiff human being, I barely write anything this year, here and outside. Ideas weren't communicated and remained only as ideas, or even worse: forgotten. So I think of polisihing this up through some sort of daily journaling. On top of it, to practice my writing, as well. By far, notes checked, effort checked, actualization left.

365 days of Thanks Giving.
How long have I been complaining for the year? Rough calculation from the post I've published here shows that larger number counts for complaining rather than being positive. So I plan to stay on the sunny side of life through this sort of *again* journaling my thanks giving for the day. I understand there would be stormy days out of the 365, but through this, I hope I could see 'bad days' from the other lights. You know they aren't bad, as text book says, it's just a matter of perspectives. And through this, I wish to always be remembered that even in the unfavorable situations, there will always be something to be thankful of. In any way, I hope to do this so that whenever and wherever I am, I could cherish this life better and never take it for granted.

Doing a review of my top 5 book of the year by December 2015.
Hahahaha yeap and I'm dead serious of this. I've read about less than ten books (read: novels) this year, and more than half of the number in the first semester of the year, I guess. Basically that pictures how unproductive my second semester of 2014 is and how I miserably lost my fuel in the middle of the way. So yeah, I hope by stating this loud here at least will be somekind of alarm for me, to have a face to save for by Dec 2015. Peculiar, I know. I'm also fully aware of how I'm seriously in need of leveraging my reading quality, so yeah I'm targeting for 20 books for the year, of both literature and fiction.Literatures will be up in the list as well next year, of course still with several fictions in between, can't help it hahaha. Please be nice and do look forward for some amateur book review by December 2015! :)

So those are my few three new year's resolutions out of my plentiful plans in 2015. I wish you have already made yours too :) And by literal meaning, I hope you really did. And it will be merrier if you can share it, cause ideas and plans are better when they are shared.

Happy New Year 2015, dear. Have a great one.


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