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Day 3: View on Drugs and Alcohol
Thursday, August 7, 2014 | 9:23 PM | 0 comments (+)

I'm strongly against drugs and cigarettes. Very.
It's not about the unhealthiness that makes me in the opposite, cause in fact I enjoy junkfoodies. It's that I never like the idea of people gives in helplessly on any addiction, on how you have no full control of yourself and have your addiction takes you away. Dependency, I have never been so into it.

I occasionally consume a little amount of alcohol, though. My dad and I pretty much enjoy to have them in our body. Dad stocks some very light wines at home where we often gulp it down when my brothers or other relatives stay overnight. I love the aftertaste of wine! teehee~ Though I would be frank to say that I have a very limited alcohol dictionary, but I think I have a pretty good tolerance on it. Not something to be proud about, of course.

So this might be a little contradicting, on how I'm against drugs and cigarettes, but how I stand on alcohol. Well, I just haven't seen any bright side of consuming drugs and cigarettes yet. While in fact, alcohol, if consumed on moderate level and proper amount, could help to improve lives. Here you go, give this link a click, I have googled it for you: 7 Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol. And personally and very subjectively — let me once again reaffirm my point of view it's the addiction and dependency which I object. So for me, alcohol, if moderately consumed, is an okay. Note the underline there.


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