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I'm Vania Stephanie Hosen, currently twenty-three. I suck at self-introduction, and even worse on self-explaining. See? Now you get what I mean. And oh, I speak fluent sarcasm.

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Day 1: Status
Tuesday, August 5, 2014 | 10:53 PM | 0 comments (+)

Well, well, what a topic to start the challenge lol.

Yeap – as if I'm confirming anything – I've been single for years, yet remain still and strong. Not that I'm bitter to start off a new relationship, nor I prefer my current status; they are not the case. That guy hasn't come out yet. Or at least that's what I choose to believe. Cause I'm not going to let my days wasted for the oh-apprently-he-is-not-my-romeo guy.

I believe this – you know what I am referring to – has to do with my reserved personality. I am pretty good at holding back feelings, until the stage that I got somebody nicknamed me as Vania the Stoic. Ha! Tell me whether I should be pleased or questioned my own self with that. But I'm good. I guess. Though I'd be lying to say that I don't miss all those flutters and butterflies. Cause I do, especially on those PMS insomniac nights and their fragility and delicateness. But I believe I do have a say on this. I'm not going to let this overwhelm me. Cause it's me who has the full control of myself, not the idea of that random guy who hasn't even showed himself out. So my fellow ladies, I'm writing this as a suggestion and a note to myself – fight back and stop blabbering over our solitude, restlessness and insecurity. Remember that we've got days to be amused at. And frankly, people out there seriously have tougher and more troublesome problems than just this one heartache issue.

And honestly, start, only if it is worth the marriage.


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