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Mate - A Late Morning
Sunday, August 26, 2012 | 9:48 PM | 0 comments (+)

Ever since I listened to this song, from the very first drop hits me inside. The melody, the lyric, the arrangement, words cant describe. This probably one of the songs that could reach me down inside the deepest. Yep, this is 'that' good. Though I believe this song would be best interpreted directly from Hangeul. Too bad my Korean is not that good yet.

For days, I keep on playing this song, even up until now, while writing this post. For some people might don't know, I really love riding on a bus, taking the seat near to the window, thinking about anything passes my mind. But listening this song while wondering around at the bus is definitely an extremely bad idea. Oh you might be able to guess where this song leads me into. yes, bursting into oceans haha.

Mate would be forever my favorite K-Indie Band. Insanely good and very talented. If you don't know Mate yet, you've got to give a shot for their songs. Very addictive. Mate is a korean band, consisting three guys, Heon Il, Joon Il, and Hyun Jae. Not a typically korean flower boyband, though Hyun Jae, the drummer, has a very outstanding visual. Mate is a band that once you do listen to their music, you wont care much about their appearance, their fashion, nor their birthdays, like what you do to your most boyband biased. They are far beyond it with the way they carry their music.

Mate's genre is mostly can be said as Indie, but unlike any other indie band, you can spot the difference of Mate's music and any other indie bands very easily. Maybe it's because of their outstanding arrangement. Their vocalists, Joon Il and Heon Il have the beautiful harmony together, though I might say individually they were not that good, but still above the average. Together, they can carry a very melancholic quiet ballad and a very sentimental yet loud rock.

Oh, can't wait for their comeback. Joon Il and Heon Il oppa, please make a comeback from the military quick!

P.S.: please kindly watch their movie, Play. Well, it is not a very sentimental romantic love story like most of other korean movies, but I hope you can feel their sincerity in chasing their dreams through music, like I felt. Also, do listen to their albums. They wont fail to surprise you!

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