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Sunday, February 19, 2012 | 10:58 PM | 0 comments (+)

I believe this aint ma first post ever in 2012 kkk. I have written like 2-3 posts but ended up deleting them after realizing they werent worth to be posted XD

After so many episodes of drama, Vania is now working at L'Oreal Indonesia, in Consumer Product Division: L'Oreal Paris. Next week gonna be ma 1st month of working, and I still have 5 months to go. It is tiring - no doubt.

Real working environment is harsh. and I havent been able to adjust myself to that, I guess. and they are working in a real fast pace. im a quick learner, i believe. but I never thought this would be this hard. first working experience ever and never imagine I would be tested like this. its just, you know, it is so frustrating to have not done your best. im curious to death how would they feel about me and my performance. and how would they see myself compared to the previous interns. ha! main issue is i need to adapt quicker!

still have months to learn. six months of internship is like battle to ownself. battle to win against myself. battle to exceed my standard. battle to challenge my limit.

I just need to be positive at all time.

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