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I'm Vania Stephanie Hosen, currently twenty-three. I suck at self-introduction, and even worse on self-explaining. See? Now you get what I mean. And oh, I speak fluent sarcasm.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011 | 12:04 AM | 0 comments (+)

just have a great night with my girls, yemima and hesty.
it's been a while since the last time I have a quality time with awesome fellas like them. They made me realize of some points and taught me few different point of views.

passion, calling, ambisi, masa depan, hidup, love life.

waktu berjalan dengan cepat. what have you done in life?
what kind of legacy have you given for other people through your life?

December is three minutes away while I'm typing this. never been this excited.
December, month of joy and happiness.
Christmas hurry come! :)

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