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I suppose to write something more valuable than this
Monday, February 7, 2011 | 11:55 PM | 0 comments (+)

I really meant it when I typed that title *pointing with two fingers on*

february, i'm busy.
february, i'm effin' happy.
like, this month we have soooo many holiday! :)
and I have another brand new family here. my big fat butt ryan got a new partner named 'microchip'. don't get fooled by his name. microchip is not in a micro-sized at all. he is big, thick, and square. bwahahahaha.

in seven days ahead we'll have val day! yappie! but by the way, please just give me cheesecake instead of chocolate! XD anyway, where did we get the theory to give chocolate in val's day? and yes, why is white day not so popular in indonesia? so does halloween. and thanks giving. plus father's day. puhlease, we need moaarr holiday!! XDD

I plan to end this post here. I told you before, didn't I?

P.S.: I run out of money even after chinese new year because of buying microchip and big fat ryan's device :(

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