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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 | 10:27 PM | 0 comments (+)

My head got really mixed up today.

To my beloved ko Michael, no matter what will happen, please keep on believing. In God, there is nothing impossible, right ko? My prayer is always be with you. I feel so bad since I can help you nothing. Sorry for being a burden for you all this time, ko. Pstt, remember when we were both younger? we fought in every single day. Back then, I never even thought that we will be this close. Thank you for inspiring me so much. Love you more than these words can express ko.

JYJ to hold concert in Indonesia on April 9th. I'm positive not to attend. Guys, please be well here. I bet Junsu will be so enthusiast to see coconut trees :) ahh, I hope I won't regret this later, since this came up with my own decision. I chose not to come after taking some considerations. ah, please cassies, don't be overly excited and end up hurting them.

I define status as a preference. For me, being single suits me the most right now. Dear someone, if you manage to read this later on, please don't get me wrong.

I get more ambitious day by day and keep on setting my target higher than before. It's just like, I expect my result to be always greater than anyone else, which is I know : not good. Okay, I need to change. My mom and dad told me if I continue to be like this, once I fall, I might fall really hard. And I know, I'm not ready for that. and another homework for me : work out for emotional stability.

sssttt.. this post is so random =='
I want to change my bgsound. can anyone suggest me any song?

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