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Life is way too fair.
Monday, January 17, 2011 | 6:05 PM | 0 comments (+)

Resentful, bitterness, displeasure. Have you ever addressed this words to your life?
I ever wished if I were her: smart, pretty, and lovable.
I wished if I were her, whose parents can afford her to study abroad.
I wished if I were her, who always has somebody in her side to grant all of her wishes.
believe me, I ever wish to be 'that' girl.

You know, I realize the key of life is only stop looking up. Those who you think are your superiors might not have better life than yours. in life, simply count you blessings. God has watched me through my eighteen years and I believe He will in the rest of my life.

God is way too incredible. He designs what best for us, according His way.
when I was a kid, I often asked, "why doesn't God give me what I want?" I stopped on asking and complaining after I realized that God's plans are much better than mine. He might not answer my wants, but He always fulfill my needs. I believe trusting God's plan is the most reliable thing to do ever.

Every breath that we take, isn't that a gift from God? then who are we to blame God for not granting our wishes? Isn't it called greedy?

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