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call me fool
Thursday, December 9, 2010 | 11:53 AM | 0 comments (+)

have you ever trapped in your own mind? where you expect for better result, but in the end it shows that you don't deserve it at all? have you?

blame me, who always expect more. sampai kapan mau kaya gini Vania? you are stupid indeed. I slept for only two hours today, and I'm superbly sensitive right now. I asked the lecturer you-know-who half an hour ago about my midterm paper. seriously, I am disappointed. I mean, he let me down twice. once in the presentation and now in my paper. I don't know. It's just. I expect for better result. much better than this. for twice man, I almost cried twice only because if this subject. childish, huh? whatsoever. I don't know whether someone will understand what I'm feeling now. you will not. you will not understand how I put too much concerns to my education. TOO much. well basically the score is not that low. bisa dikatakan lumayan tinggi malah. but the problem now is my expectation. main case: I become too determined lately. and I realize something that contains 'too' is never good. how to work this out?

anyway, today teaches me a lot. need to have lunch. I have another meeting later on. bye. thank you thursday.
Have a nice day all. God bless you.

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