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I'm Vania Stephanie Hosen, currently twenty-three. I suck at self-introduction, and even worse on self-explaining. See? Now you get what I mean. And oh, I speak fluent sarcasm.

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the beginning of November
Friday, November 5, 2010 | 11:00 PM | 0 comments (+)

it's been a while!
hahaha. i'm tired of typing "i'm back" as the opening. Like i've said before, I'm busy. superbly busy, no joking. tired? exhausted? for sure! but you know, I kinda enjoy the moment. it's fun to have so many things to do :)

and yes, how about my personal life? I mean personally personal? what the heck am I talking about
hahaha. everything's also fine except the fact that I miss my mom and my dad frequently. boys? I even seldom think about them lately. i have no time to care about love-lover terms and conditions (lol at my words). deadline's here and there. but I am fine, see? definitely fine.

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