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Monday, September 20, 2010 | 1:00 AM | 0 comments (+)

So, Here's the main thing: I'M EIGHTEEN already. I'm no longer teen, baby. hahahas. I know I post this kinda late, since there were too many guests kept on coming to my room. I guess now is september 20 already, but well yeah. It's just a must for me to make today's story as a post.

as maybe some of you are curious, I hide my birthday date from the facebook. my consideration, well you know I just don't want somebody tells me happy birthday only because one sees my name on the birthday notification. For me, It's not about the quantity, it's all about the quality, baby. and as I predicted before, only some of them remembered my birthday. I mean there were plenty who wrote in my walls, but not as much as last year's greetings. but thank you so much for ms. intan suhartini aka asmir who could remember it clearly, and even threw me a surprise at 12 in the evening. she also gave me presents, pair of cute couple monkey. ah, I should think what to name them hahay. I shed tears after saw her held a cake with candles on it. thank you so much asmir. also to gina and my roommate, chaterine. thank you girls.

So, I thought that was the end of the surprise. But I totally was wrong. My juniors, those whom I took care of in the orientation, threw me another surprise. ah maybe I haven't written it here, my group is Louis Pasteur, group number 12. Sorry my bad. It's because I was extremely busy back then. So let's just continue. This evil girls and boys really fooled me. I mean, I couldn't believe I could be that stupid, being fooled by them babo-ly. hahahas. so one here's the story. I couldn't accompany them at the start, because I had to go to the church. so in the end I asked for Gina and Asmir's help to lead them. After I went back to dormitory from the church, Gina and Asmir reported to me, that one of my juniors was sick. ya panik lah ya gue. since that girl is usually sick emang. but that was only a prank. Shitty you guys! You got me lahhh! argh. after I started to get panic, they went out with another cake and candles. yes, as your prediction, I ended up crying again. so the cake was from my partner, Ikhwan. thank you very much Ikhwan. I believe you are the best partner. ah, also thank you for the white flower. sorry I don't know the name of the flower, hahas. thank youuuu Ikhwan.

Thank you very much also for my beloved newly friends, Louis Pasteur family. 20 of you are all amazing. thank you so much for today, Asmir, Ikhwan, Gina, and Louis Pasteur family. thank you for making me took a bath at 9 in the evening. thank you for making the chocolate and cream were on all over my face. thank you so much for the cakes and candles. thank you so much for the birthday wishes. thank you so much for the great times. thank you for our togetherness, especially for my beloved groups. Spending my holiday tiredly with all of you guys were so amazing. thank God I got this amazing group with 20 of you. thank you.

So, I get none from my birthday wishlist. But in the end, today may be one of the happiest days in my life. This is the first time I spent my birthday without my family. but thanks to the Lord for giving me this amazing second family here. It's so nice to have you guys besides me in this special day. thank you won't be enough for all of you guys. what to say to express this? thank you. I dont know what else to say. God knows, may He always bless you.

Dear God, thank you for the passing 18 years. Every single day is beautiful indeed. Thank you for giving me chances to have another stage in my life. I know eighteen is still a long way to go, but I wish by being eighteen I will be mature enough and wiser enough. on days ahead, let me still have Your guidance to walk over all the problems. thank you Lord for everything.

Anyway, I just realized that there are so many people in PU who share the same birthday with me. I heard at least 3 times happy birthday song today. Cindhy, Maul, and a freshman named Irene (if I'm not mistaken), happy birthday guys. I believe all the great people like us were meant to be born on September 19 :P


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