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bye september
Thursday, September 30, 2010 | 8:44 PM | 0 comments (+)

I'm back typing here! :D I've been busy recently after the orientation. Now, I have to handle an event as the coordinator of the decoration department, plus I have to take care of organizations I join. I also have the entrepreneurship class (which is going to kill me later on) this semester, and I take a part as the success team of my university. for the last one, I'll work as (plus minus) a marketer. Hoaa, if I manage to perform well, I'll get compensation of course. yahooo! so, see? this semester probably will be the most busy, hectic, and troublesome semester. pray for me I could maintain my 4.00 gpa, since I'm kinda scared here. I get so busy, and the lecturers who teach my class are famous for being strict. :( time table, I need you.

well, without my knowing, today is the last day of september :(( I dont want it to end, like really hate it. September brings me too much beautiful memories. ah, I start to be childish again. but so, even though I still hope for it babo-ly, time still passes, does it? I hope, at least, every months can be as beautiful as September. and also as nice, kind, warm, and friendly as September. me wish for them.

Hi, October! I performed good enough in September, so please be nice to me! :D

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