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birthday wishlist!
Monday, August 30, 2010 | 4:12 PM | 0 comments (+)

Since my birthday is coming up soon, so here in H-20 I post my birthday wishlist. To my girls and boys, if you confused what to give me on September 19, just read the list below. keke~ xD

ipod or whatever mp3 player
I want ipod sooo bad, like really bad. but well yeah, I'm just trying to be more realistic, since ipod costs hundreds to millions. So yes, just buy me whatsoever mp3 player! I'm sure will love it! 2gigs is fine, 4 is great, and 8 is excellent! Recently I saw a lapak at kaskus. I fell in love with an mp3 player named The Kube. puhlease let me have white one. Plus it's cheap gan, only 170rups! *exclude memory card and shipping cost sih ya* mauuuu dong dong dongg. >o<

flat shoes and highheels
please note, my number is 38. I really want 7cm heels. and flat shoes. uhm, just in case you confused to choose which color, here's the clue. white is highly recomended! xD

mix-style headset
I've been craving for this like months. please buy me black one with pink star. usually I hate pink. but i don't know. the pink star series caught my eyes. please, even suju and soshi had ever used this. Definitely a must have items!

ducky or chicky doll
Frankly, I have too much dolls already, but none of them are yellow. I mean, I need something yellow on my bed. buy me a chicken, or maybe piyo piyo? i'll love it! :)

I need a big bag. Formal one, that makes me look professional. I have numbers of cute bags already. I need one that can fit my big ass 14" lappie. white, black, and cream, i'll love those! <3

skirt and dress

haha. it's even weird for me to type this. xD well I want to be girly so bad these days. But yeah, I have only a few dresses and I dont have any other skirt except black ones and a leopard printed skirt for mommy's wardrobe lol

have him sing a song with his guitar for me
buahahahaha! you-know-who. :D

I'm not sure if anyone will read this post, but well yeah. If you do read, please be sure that I'm not forcing anyone to give me presents. this is just my wishes and things I want. so still, your wishes and your prayers are highly appriciated. :D

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